Exporting 3D camera data from After Effects to 3ds max

After Effects CC 2018

  1. Download the AE3D_Export script here:
  2. Perform 3D tracking on the footage if necessary.
  3. Select the 3D Camera layer and also Null layers if available.
  4. Choose File > Scripts > Run Script File and locate the AE3D_Export script.
  5. In the Script parameters highlight 3ds max.
  6. Click Options and set the scale.
    * you might need to try and see the scale in 3ds max to set it right.
  7. Set a name for the exported ms (MaxScript) file.
  8. Click Export.
    The resulting ms file will appear on the Desktop.
  9. Drag the ms file into 3ds max Viewport.
    The script will run and create an animated Camera and Dummies.
  10. Group the Camera and the Dummies, and link them to a new Point Helper.
    This will allow for easy orientation and scaling.
  11. Display the Original video sequence as Viewport Background to check the camera motion.