Photoshop Smart Objects

Photoshop CC 2018

Smart Objects are Photoshop’s non-destructive compositing / Processing functionality.
Smart Objects allow you to encapsulate (nest) layers and adjustments into a “sub-Photoshop documents” (composites in compositing terms) that have their resulting image as one layer in the main document or the Smart Object that contains them.

For example resizing a Smart Object layer doesn’t change or throw away it’s original pixels (no destructive re-sampling of the layer)

Another feature of Smart Objects is the ability to apply Smart Filters that can be changed or deleted or applied selectively using masks.

* Smart Object layers are marked with a Smart Object icon

* Images dragged into a Photoshop document are created as Smart Objects By default.

* Working with a lot of nested Smart Objects can be memory demandng and also consume scratch disk space with temporary files.

Create a Smart Object:
Right click the name of a layer or layers and choose Create Smart Object.


Edit the Contents Of a Smart Object:
Right click the name of a Smart Object Layer and choose Edit Contents,
Or double click the Smart Object icon in the layer icon.
* Photoshop Smart Objects open for editing as an independent Photoshop document in a new Tab. once saved, the document containing them will be updated.

Convert the Smart Object layer to a regular layer:
Right click the name of a Smart Object Layer and choose Rasterize Layer.
* This will lose all the internal layers and effects and keep only the resulting layer.

Smart Object Operations: