UE4 – Change the size of the UI and fonts

Unreal Engine 4.24

To Change the size of the UI and fonts in the Unreal Editor:

  1. Select:
    Window > Developer Tools > Widget Reflector
    To open the Widget Reflector window
    Annotation 2020-04-23 150847
  2. In the Widget Reflector window, change the Application Scale parameter:
    Annotation 2020-04-23 151022

UE4 Sequencer – Scaling keys (stretching animation time)

Unreal Engine 4.25

  1. Right click the animation track (the space between the keys), and in Properties, unlock the Section range Start and Section Range End properties to make the section time finite so it can be scaled.
    * You can also set custom start and end time for the section.
    The Track (the green range) will now be finite, containing the keys.
  2. Ctrl + Drag the end of the track to scale it including the keys.



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