Quick friendly-topology sphere in Blender and 3ds max

Blender 2.79 | 3ds max 2017


Create Cube
Add ‘Subdivision Surface’ modifier and divide it couple of times
Apply the ‘Subdivision Surface’ modifier
Enter Edit mode and spherify the mesh using ‘To Sphere’ Command (Shift + Alt + S)

3ds max:
Create Cube
Add a TurboSmooth modifier and set wanted iterations
add Spherify modifier
Convert to Editable Poly if needed


3ds max ProBoolean shading artifacts

3ds max 2017

There are certain situations in 3ds max where using a ProBoolean operation on a model will perform the geometrical operation but produce shading/smoothing artifacts, or problems in later operations like Chamfer.
* This can often happen with geometry (models) imported from other software like Sketchup for instance

In many of these cases setting the ‘Planar Edge Removal’ to ‘No Edge Removal’ in the ProBoolean Advanced Options will solve the problem.


The reason I’m not adding some visual example of the problem I described is that I couldn’t reproduce it..
So the tip is, if you perform a ProBoolean operation, and weird stuff happens,
Try setting No Edge Removal, it may solve the problem.