Creating a camera animation in UE4

Unreal Engine 4.18

  1. Create a Camera Actor:
    Cinematics > Cine Camera Actor
  2. Create a new Level Sequence:
    Right Click the Content Browser background and choose Animation > Level Sequence.
  3. In the Content Browser, Double Click the new Level Sequence to open it in the Sequencer.
  4. press ‘+ Track’ and choose Camera Cut Track.
  5. In the camera track press ‘+ Camera’ and choose the Camera Actor you created.
  6. press ‘+ Track’ and choose Transform.
  7. Move the Time-Slider to the motion start time, move the camera to its starting position and orientation, and press the little ‘+’ button at the right of the Transform track <- + -> to set the first Key-Frame for the camera movement.
  8. Move the Time-Slider to the motion end time, move the camera to its ending position and orientation, and press the little ‘+’ button at the right of the Transform track <- + -> to set the last keyframe for the camera movement.
  9. Repeat this to create more Key-Frames and develop the camera motion.
  10. Press the Clapperboard button to open the Render Movie Settings,
    Choose the file format, frame rate, resolution, and save location and press Capture Movie.




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UE4 – Changing the timing of animation tracks in the Sequencer

Unreal Engine 4.18

To move multiple clips in multiple track to a different time:

  1. Shift + Click multiple clips to select them.
  2. Click on one of the selected clips and drag to change time.

Infinite clips like Key-frame sequences in Transform tracks must be made finite to be movable.
Right-Click the track and in Properties uncheck Infinite.
* Make the the track Infinite again after the operation if needed.

UE4 Sequencer – Scaling keys (stretching animation time)

Unreal Engine 4.25

  1. Right click the animation track (the space between the keys), and in Properties, unlock the Section range Start and Section Range End properties to make the section time finite so it can be scaled.
    * You can also set custom start and end time for the section.
    The Track (the green range) will now be finite, containing the keys.
  2. Ctrl + Drag the end of the track to scale it including the keys.



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