Blender – Create constraints quickly

Blender 2.79

To create constraints quickly:

  1. Select the target object.
  2. Shift + Select the object to constrain (Active Object)
  3. Press Ctrl + Shift + C
  4. Choose the wanted constraint type.
  5. select the constrained object to set the constraint parameters.


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Fast editing of multiple instanced (linked) objects in Blender

Blender 2.79

Editing the mesh or the shader of an object that’s linked to many other objects appearing in the scene can be slow because software needs to update the appearance of all the other instanced objects.

A simple solution to this is to unlink the object you want to edit, perform the necessary editing, and then relink all the othe objects to the updated one.

It’s best to group the objects beforehand so it will be easy to select them for relinking.

To unlink the object for faster editing:
Select the object, Press U and choose ‘Object & Data’

To link multiple objects to one:
Select all the objects, and click the recently edited one to make sure it’s the active object.
Press Ctrl + L and choose ‘Object Data’.

If you didn’t group all the linked objects for easy selection,
A quick way to select all linked objects is to select one of them and press Shift + L to access the ‘Select Linked’ commands.

Animating visibility in Blender

Blender 2.78

When setting key-frames to an object’s Visibility or “restrict view-port visibility” property,
Its easy to forget that it doesn’t affect the visibility in rendering but only in the view-port display.
This gave me some really nasty glitches in production when rendered animation turned out different than what I had expected.

Simple solution to that is:
Whenever an object’s visibility needs to be animated,
First thing to do is to set a Driver for the “restrict rendering” property, that would be controlled by the “restrict view-port visibility” property.
That way the animation done on view-port visibility will automatically also control rendering visibility.
What’s needed is a simple single property driver which is very simple to setup and the huge headaches can be avoided that way.

There are plenty of video tutorials about setting up drivers in Blender: