Blender – Checker Deselect

Blender 2.79

Fast way to select every other element is to select a sequence like an edge loop or ring and than choose:

Select > Checker Deselect

This can be very helpful when needing to reduce the resolution of parts within a mesh.



Blender – Set Origin (pivot point)

Blender 2.79

The Set Origin Tool let’s you set the origin (pivot) for one or multiple objects.
Typical usage would be to place the 3D Cursor at the wanted location and choose Origin To 3D Cursor.
Another handy usage is after “breaking” a model into separate meshes, like separating the letters of a title for animation, selecting all the letters and choosing Origin to Geometry to set all the letters origins to their centers.

3D View > Tools panel > Set Origin

Shift + Ctrl + Alt + C


Quick friendly-topology sphere in Blender and 3ds max

Blender 2.79 | 3ds max 2017


Create Cube
Add ‘Subdivision Surface’ modifier and divide it couple of times
Apply the ‘Subdivision Surface’ modifier
Enter Edit mode and spherify the mesh using ‘To Sphere’ Command (Shift + Alt + S)

3ds max:
Create Cube
Add a TurboSmooth modifier and set wanted iterations
add Spherify modifier
Convert to Editable Poly if needed