Houdini – Game Development Toolset – Manual installation (Win)

Houdini 18.5

There is an automatic method to install the Houdini Game Development Toolset, as shown in this tutorial:
However, the auto updater method didn’t work for me,
So after looking into some discussions I learnt about the following way to it:

The linked tutorial details additional ways to set this up.
Honestly.. I don’t remember why I ended up using this specific method.
If you think this method has disadvantages compared to other, I’ll be very grateful if you comment on this.

  1. Download the Houdini Game Development Toolset here as a zip archive:
  2. Unzip the archive and save GameDevelopmentToolset-Development the folder to a folder of your choice.
  3. Add an environment variable to Windows,
    Named: “HOUDINI_PATH”,
    Containing 2 values:
    a. The path to the GameDevelopmentToolset-Development folder.
    b. A “&” character:
  4. Open Houdini and add the Game Development Toolset Shelf to the UI: