Deadline – Setting plugin paths to the executables

Deadline Monitor 10.0

When installing a render/processing software in a different path than default, you may have to configure its Deadline Plugin executable path to Deadline will be able to find it.

To setup the executable path for a Deadline Plugin:

  1. Make sure you are using the Deadline Monitor in Super User Mode:
  2. Go to Tools > Configure Plugins:
    image (1)
  3. In the plugin list on the left, select the plugin you want to configure,
    And in the Plugin Executable text box (in this case Blender), type in a new path, or click the browse button to set the path.
    * Multiple alternative paths can be set separated by lines.image (2)




Setting up RenderPal with Blender

RenderPal 2.14 | Blender 2.78

When attempting to set up render management for Blender using the free version of RenderPal render farm software,
After dealing with the basic technical stuff of installing and configuring all the components,
I came upon a bizarre problem while testing render jobs:
The system would not recognize that a chunk (part of the job) was successfully finished, and went on to render the same chunk again and again, over-writing the files that were created the previous time.
After some frustrations and endless checks,
I wrote a message to the RenderPal support and it appears the ‘Blender renderer” that is the RenderPal module that interfaces with blender, was outdated,
They sent me a new version of the module with instructions how to update it (very simple), so I did and the problem was solved.