Blender – Make all linked objects local

Blender 2.79

When you need to make all externally linked Data-Blocks local to your Blend file in one click:

Option A:
From the 3D View Object menu select Make Local > All

Option B:
In the 3D View, Press L and select All


UE4 Actor Blueprint – Referencing another Actor instance

Unreal Engine 4.18

A direct reference to another actor instance can’t be created from within the blueprint because it can only be provided at run-time after the instances have been created, both the current actor and the other actor we want to refer to.

In the Actor Blueprint:

  1. Add a new variable of type Actor > Object Reference
  2. Make the variable public and editable in the editor (the eye button..)
  3. Hit Compile and Save.

In the Map Editor:

  1. Place both actors in the map and save it.
  2. Select the actor in which you created the reference variable.
  3. In the Details panel, set the Actor property you created to the wanted other Actor instance.