Adobe Bridge – Full screen preview tips

Adobe Bridge 2020

  1. To get into full screen preview mode:
    Select an image and press Spacebar
  2. Use the arrow keys to navigate images in the folder
  3. Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in-out

In full screen mode, you may see the images display soft / low resolution,
Even if the actual image files have enough resolution to fit the display.
This happens because Bridge’s cached previews were not generated at display resolution.
To fix this issue:

  1. In Edit > Preferences > Advanced:
    Check the Generate Monitor-Size Previews option
  2. In Tools > Cache >Manage Cache..:
    Select Clean Up Cache, Purge all local cache files,
    And then click Next.
    * You may have to restart the program for this to take effect
    Annotation 2020-08-17 193558

Batch Rename files in Adobe Bridge

Bridge CC 2018

  1. Select the files in the Content window.
  2. From the Tools menu, select Batch Rename to open the Batch Rename tool.
  3. Set renaming settings and look at the new name preview at the bottom to see the new name.
  4. Press theĀ Rename button.

An example of adding the suffix “_LowRes” to files:

An example of adding the prefix “Tex_” to files: