Adobe Bridge Warning

Adobe Bridge CC 2017

Adobe Bridge is very useful for browsing media in a CG \ Animation workflow,
mainly because it displays thumbnails and previews for EXR files, something that Windows Explorer doesn’t do, and also because it has cool batch functions like loading files as layers in a new Photoshop document and so on,
But I encountered a behavior that can be problematic,
The software uses caching for the thumbs and filmstrip preview in order to display the images faster,
And in some cases where you render updated files with the same folder structure and same names, Bridge will display the older preview images from it’s cache even if you manually deleted the whole folder structure prior to re-rendering!!
I stumbled across this issue when browsing render tests being confused as to why Blender rendered images with old settings, I naturally thought Blender was to blame (I tend to think that a media viewer can’t be the problem because it just displays images..) and looked through the render setting trying to understand what went wrong,
Eventually I found the cause of the problem in Bridge,
And there’s a simple solution with the command:
Tools > Purge > Purge cache for _______ folder
But you still have to be mindful that you might be seeing old renders, otherwise you won’t perform this important action.

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