UE4 – Enable complex collision for models

Unreal Engine 4.21

By default UE4 uses fast simplified convex collision shapes to calculate collision for static mesh actors.
This means that the player or projectiles wont be able to path through holes, openings or doors in the model.

To set complex (concave) collision for a static mesh model:

In Static Mesh editing window, in the details pane, under Collision:
Set Collision Complexity to: Use Complex Collision As Simple


This example shows the default behavior for a model that has an opening, neither the projectiles nor the player can pass:


In this example collision for the model was set to Use Complex Collision As Simple:



3 thoughts on “UE4 – Enable complex collision for models

  1. thank you, had a bit of trouble finding out where this setting was, it is in the mesh settings, not in object details, for those who are curious!

    1. The post states: “In Static Mesh editing window”
      And the setting is right there under collision.

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