UE4 Material Blueprint Shortcuts

Unreal\n Engine 4.24

Some useful Unreal Editor Material Blueprint shortcuts:

  1. Hold 1 and LMB Click to create a 1D Constant node:
    Annotation 2019-12-26 005530
  2. Hold 2 and LMB Click to create a 2D Constant node:
    Annotation 2019-12-26 005549
  3. Hold 3 and LMB Click to create a 3D Constant node:
    Annotation 2019-12-26 005605
  4. Hold S and LMB Click to create a Scalar Parameter node:
    Annotation 2019-12-26 005618
  5. Hold V and LMB Click to create a Vector Parameter node:
    Annotation 2019-12-26 005631
  6. Hold L and LMB Click to create a Lerp (Linear Interpolate) node:Annotation 2019-12-26 005653
  7. Hold M and LMB Click to create a Multiply node:
    Annotation 2019-12-26 005722
  8. Hold A and LMB Click to create a Add node:
    Annotation 2019-12-26 005736
  9. Hold T and LMB Click to create a Texture Sample node:Annotation 2019-12-26 010504
  10. Hold U and LMB Click to create a Texture Coordinate node:
    Annotation 2019-12-26 010449
  11. Just press C to create a comment:
    Annotation 2019-12-26 005808

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9 thoughts on “UE4 Material Blueprint Shortcuts

  1. Hi, I already knew all these commands because I tried spamming every key on the keyboard (I wish I had looked for your article before doing it 🤣), do you know if it’s possibile to add more custom shortcuts to other parameters?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Dario,
      You can add custom shortcuts in:
      Editor Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts > Material editor
      But as far as I see there is no option to add custom shortcuts to node creation commands..

  2. Oded awesome job… some more that might help

    Shift + C + LMB gets you component mask
    P + LMB gets a panner
    D + LMB gets a divide

    Cool trick is align nodes by shift + W/A/S/D
    W aligns to the top
    A aligns to the left
    S aligns to the bottom
    D aligns to the right

  3. A few more to your list:
    (A) Add
    (E) Power
    (O) 1-x
    (N) Normalize
    (B) BumpOffset
    (R) Reflection Vector
    (I) IF

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