Exporting 3D camera data from After Effects to 3ds max

After Effects 2020

  1. Download the AE3D_Export script here:
  2. Perform 3D tracking on the footage if necessary.
  3. Select the 3D Camera layer and also Null layers if available.
  4. Choose File > Scripts > Run Script File and locate the AE3D_Export script.
  5. In the Script parameters highlight 3ds max.
  6. Click Options and set the scale.
    * you might need to try and see the scale in 3ds max to set it right.
  7. Set a name for the exported ms (MaxScript) file.
  8. Click Export.
    The resulting MaxScript file will appear on the desktop named <your after effects project name>.ms
    You may be prompted to check the Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network option in File > Preferences > Scripts & Expressions.
  9. Drag the generated MaxScript file into the 3ds max viewport.
    The script will run and create an animated Camera and Dummy object, and also set the timeline range to fit the animation.
  10. Create a new Point Helper object.
  11. Align the new Point Helper to the Dummy object in both position and orientation.
  12. Group the Camera and the Dummy objects together, and link the group to a new Point Helper.
    This will allow for easy orientation and scaling.
  13. Set the Point Helper object’s rotation to default (0,0,0) , this will also reset the Dummy + Camera group’s orientation relative to the world.
    Scale the Point Helper object if needed, to scale the whole camera setup.
  14. Display the original video sequence as viewport background to check how the camera motion fits the video.
    The center of your Point Helper should appear “glued” to a specific point in the background video. 


After Effects 3D Camera tracking

19 thoughts on “Exporting 3D camera data from After Effects to 3ds max

  1. Hi!

    how can I can download your AE3D_Export script ?
    When I click on your link, it only open a webpage … where can I get the file?



  2. Hi – just giving this a try but get the following error – any ideas?

    –Cannot assign to read-only variable: camera

  3. Hi, when I import the traking data from After Effect into 3ds Max, but I got some trouble with my traking camera it shaking all the way in 3ds Max. I try to smoth the camera path it work a llite bit, but it also shake. Pleas help me,thx.

    1. Hi,
      It sounds to me like the tracking result is shaky in After Effects.
      Maybe you have to stabilize the shot or remove rolling shutter before tracking it.

    1. Hi Ivan,
      I can’t set destination folder too.
      It always saves to desktop.
      This might a bug in the script or maybe it’s not fully compatible with later versions of AE.

  4. Hi Oded
    i get the same error when running the script in max:
    –Cannot assign to read-only variable: camera
    i tried Max 2017, 2020 and 2021
    I also tried to change the name in the script.
    Do you have any ideas / hints what to do?

    Cheers and thanks for the tutorial!

  5. Hi Oded
    thanks for the tutorial.
    Somehow i’m also stuck when running the script in max, i get this error:
    Cannot assign to read-only variable: camera
    Exported from AE2020, tried script in Max2017,2020 and 2021.
    Do you have any further hints or ideas whats going wrong?


  6. Hi Oded
    I have found the solution! Please delete my previous posts (sorry for the double post)

    The solution is easy. If you get the “Cannot assign to read-only variable: camera” error message, simply rename the camera in AfterEffects and run the script again.


    1. Hi Stef,
      I wasn’t aware of this issue.
      Thanks for sharing it and sharing the solution! 🙂

  7. Hi Oded,

    When i run the script every thing is all right but i can’t find any files on my desktop neither on my computer, any idea ?


      1. Hi there,
        I have exactly same issue as Xavier and your’s tip check ransomware doesn’t work for me. Any other ideas please? i am using win 10, AE2022

  8. Hi there!
    Is it possible, inside AE, to create a dense point cloud and mesh like you do with the poissonMesh node inside Nuke?

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